Monday, April 21, 2014


Tangent Graphs

Tangents graphs g uphill while cotangent graphs go downhill. the reason being is because of their asymptotes. these you can get by your unit circle. the ratio for tangent is y/x and when x=0 we get an asymptote and when that happens is when it is at 90 and 270 degrees which convert to pi/2 and 3pi/3 so knowing this we know that the graph cant touch it but what also has the affect s the quadrants in a unit circle we know that tangent is positive in the 1 and in the 3rd and negative in the 2 and 4th so this shows you were the part of the graph is going to be above or below the x axis

The same goes to cotangent. its ratios are x/y so this time y has to = 0 and when it does it is at the 0 and 180 degree and the asymptotes for that is pi and 2pi even though that have the same four quadrants the asymptote are the ones that make this graph go downhill instead of uphill like tangent

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