About Me

             To start off I am a really nice person. I seem shy at first but once I get to know someone I really am loud. I love to talk and laugh because I feel it opens up a person. I am interested in dancing for the school at the moment I am in the schools dance team or songpom team as we are known now this year. i like making new friends because it is fun having a class when you get along with everyone so well.
            As a student i like to help people out when they are in need especially at school when i know the material. i like math out of every subject because i feel like i get it more easily then other things. i am just use to learning how teachers teach the class because if i need help i can just ask . i cant learn by myself with a book because i need to have someone explain step by step so i can know y we are doing that instead of just doing it and not knowing why.

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