Sunday, October 27, 2013

SP#3 Unit ; Concept 1 : Graphing exponential functions

this problem is about graphing exponential graphs. you need to keep in mind that domain for these equations are not restricted. also that the range depends on the asymptote if the asymptote is above you start with it if it is below then you start with negative infinity. also that we cannot have a negative log which leaves us with no x- intercept.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

SV #3 Unit H : Concept 7 : finding logs given Approximations

         There are some tricky parts to this equation but it is not hard. keep in mind that this is logs and you have to know how to expand them when they are condensed. you have to know that when you are dividing the numbers on bottom are going to be subtracted.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

SV #2 Unit G : Concpets 1-7 : Finding all parts and graphing a rational function

             This Video is about Asymptotes. You will learn how to find the asymptote graph it and find out if it has a hole. the asymptotes we r going to focus on are slant and vertical asymptotes not horizontal because of the equation.
             You need to focus on how to use long division because you need to know that to find the slant asymptote. you also need to learn how to factor because we need to factor to know if we have a vertical asymptote and a hole. Another thing to know is limit notation and interval notation which you will probably learn.