Sunday, March 16, 2014

BQ#1 Unit P: Concepts 1 and 4 law of sinces and oblique trangles

Concept 1: Law Of Sine

We need to use law of sines when we need to find sides of a triangle when it isn't a special right triangle. But we can only use it if the trangle is AAS or ASA

We can derive the law of sines with this video on top .

Concept 4 Area Of Oblique Triangles.
we can derive this from the area of a triangle. we have information about the triangle but not about the height so we are missing that part for the equation so what we can do is use the area of oblique triangles. the equation is A=1/2 *(2 sides)*sine of the angle that is given. we can use this because as you can see on the picture above we used sine of c anf that will be sinc= h/a . after that we will multiply a to both sides and get H=asinec  and since we needed h we plug that in into the area of the triangle and that's how we get our equation. we can work out a problem on the pictures on bottom

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